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Robert Walsh, M.Ed

Treatment Focus: 

Anxiety and Depression

Attachment Concerns




Robert Walsh (M.Ed.) centers his practice around being a compassionate and versatile therapist who combines three powerful therapeutic approaches to support individuals in their journey towards holistic well-being. With expertise in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), and a deep understanding of existential philosophy, Robert specializes in treating anxiety, depression, attachment concerns, sexuality, and neurodivergence.


Regardless of the client's presenting concern, they will be offered a supportive space where they can be heard, supported, and compassionately challenged on their core beliefs about themselves and the world. Both IFS and REBT offer unique perspectives on how individuals are composed of many parts, and how the individual must be looked at as a system of different beliefs, emotions, and behaviors to get to the core of their issues. Adding existential philosophy into therapy helps clients find and understand their motivation to change, and is especially useful when clients are trying to develop a sense of personal identity in an ever-changing world. Using these methods, Robert also works with clients to foster awareness of how societal norms and cultural stigma affect mental health, and believes that helping clients achieve a sense of wholeness in addition to empowering them to live according to their values can lead to lasting change. 


Currently accepting new clients in person (Center City office) and via telehealth.


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